Influencer Spotlight - Angela Kim

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the lives of your favourite influencers? From the outside looking in, you notice Angela Kim’s brightly coloured Instagram feed, an impressive 39K following, and a love for skin care that trickles in between posts of cherry blossom trees, beautiful picnics and her lovely life in Pohang city. We sat down with one of our favourite content creators and Truly ambassadors, all the way from South Korea, to talk Truly skin care, living life abroad, and what’s next for her on the horizons of a fast-moving beauty world.

For those who haven’t met you yet, tell us a little bit about yourself!

HI! My name is Angela Kim, and I was born and raised in the Philippines! Before becoming an influencer, I actually finished my master’s degree in nursing, at Inha University in South Korea! Since then, I have been living here for the last 8 years, I am married and have two wonderful children. I now work as a full time English guide for one of the largest companies in South Korea called POSCO, when I am not creating content! Outside of this busy schedule, I am also an Instagram content creator, and youtuber!

How did you find yourself getting into skin care? 

Simply because I came to South Korea! Korean culture puts a big emphasis on taking care of your skin and personal appearance is celebrated with the importance of skin care! I love being able to come to my job feeling confident and glowing with a great skin care routine.

What are your self-care rituals? 

Most of the time, I do at least 5 steps in my skin care routine! Double cleansing, toner, serum, and cream. Then, at least 2-3x a week I apply sheet masks and exfoliate my skin. I also LOVE taking a bubble bath and just soak my body for about 30 minutes once a week!

That sounds fabulous. What’s your go to Truly product?

Since I have to cleanse my face every day, I really love the cleanser because it’s light and gentle to my skin, plus it smells amazing! I also use the scrub 2x a week, it’s my favourite because it’s so soft on the skin, and I can’t get over how fruity it smells.

When you aren’t online, what’s the coolest part of your day job?

With my job as an English guide, I get to meet VIPs such as ambassadors, presidents of companies as well as politicians such as the congressmen of America. There is never a dull moment because I get to meet so many different people! Being an influencer is quite similar in a sense, I also get to meet so many different people, plus I receive so many amazing products all the time!

What’s your biggest goal this year?

To get vaccinated and be able to visit my family in the Philippines. I haven’t been able to see them in more than a year. It’s my first time not seeing them for quite a long time, and since the Philippines is quite near Korea, I see them like every 4 months. When it comes to being an influencer, my goals are to keep growing my YouTube channel, because I really love filming and editing videos!

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out with skin care?

Try and Try. People have different skin types and reactions towards skin care. A certain product that may have great results on me could have not so great results on others. So, I really suggest you find the right skincare for your skin. Also, you don’t need tons of products. I use the basics! Cleanser, toner, exfoliator and cream.

What’s the one skin care step you can’t miss?

Like I’ve said for a while now, I can’t miss the double cleansing since I wear makeup every day I need to remove the makeup completely to avoid acne/blemishes. Also, I can’t live without a face cream to moisturize my skin!

Finally, what’s next on the horizon for you!

Simple! I’m going to continue to work really hard and be an even better creator and influencer on all my platforms!

We love Angela!! Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram @micahangela, and check out her YouTube channel Micah Angela to see more Truly content!

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