Should you change your skin care in the summer?

It’s a #skincaresummer and we’re making sure you stay dewy, hydrated, and fresh despite warmer weather and humid days! Just like the seasons, your skin type is constantly changing. Between oil production, the ability to retain water and an overall shift in temperature, it’s important to make time between those beach days and patio nights for glowing skin. 

Wondering why you can’t just rely on the same routine all year round? Here’s the real deal:

The same way you wouldn’t wear a winter coat in the summer, it’s important to tweak your routine and give your skin the optimal products to fight the elements, depending on the season. Hot weather increases water loss from the body, leading to dehydration. This can cause skin to feel irritated, red, and dry. Summer heat tends to mean more sweat, more oil and speedier skin cell production too. These excess oils and sweat mix with bacteria, which puts your skin at risk for clogged pores, and eventually, stubborn summer acne and greasiness. Skincare for the next few months should consist of lightweight products, antioxidants, SPFs, and increased exfoliation (and pool floaties). 

Slough away those dead skin cells 

Exfoliating regularly helps to remove sweat, sunscreen, and bacteria that can contribute to inflammation and acne. Simply put, exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells. While our skin cells naturally turnover and shed dead cells to make room for new ones, they sometimes need a little help. This is because they don’t always shed them completely or as quickly as needed, leaving our skin looking dull. With increased summer oil production, exfoliation is a way to deep-clean your pores, so nothing excess is left lingering. 

Our recommendation: 

Truly Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Why it works: We’ve revamped this formula to create increased buildability and even better exfoliation with a higher concentration of exfoliant granules paired with a rich hydrating formula to leave skin smooth and hydrated. 

Brighten and Tighten  

Vitamin C is important all year round - but especially in the summer months. It helps prevent hyperpigmentation caused by the sun, improves the appearance of fine lines & boosts collagen production. This powerful ingredient acts as a protective barrier for environmental factors such as pollution, smoke, cell damage from sun exposure and free radicals, making it an excellent product to apply before walking out the door. 

Our recommendation: 

Truly Brightening Vitamin C

Why it works: Our vitamin C serum is packed with additional skin-focused fruit extracts such as bilberry, guava, cucumber and apple to boost the performance of concentrated vitamin C and leave skin smooth, fresh, and even-toned. We use the most stable version of vitamin C available to ensure pH balancing and prevent oxidation. 

Invest in a toner

Natural toners consist of soothing botanical ingredients that can lessen healing time from sun damage, protect the skin from environmental stressors, and correct the pH of the skin to reduce those pesky summer oils from showing. Toners contain astringent ingredients, which help to cleanse skin, tighten pores, and dry out oil, think acne prevention at its finest.

Our recommendation:

Truly Youthful Rose Toner 

Why it works: This toner combines the soothing and cleansing properties of witch hazel, alongside the hydration and anti-inflammatory properties of rose water hydrosol for the perfect balancing toner for summer. 

Ditch the heavyweight creams

We love a rich, thick face cream as much as the next gal, but finding a dual-purpose moisturizer is key to ensuring good skincare practice throughout the next few months. By dual purpose – think of a moisturizer that is lightweight enough to be applied both morning and night. Expected moisture loss over the summer means twice a day moisturizing is ideal for keeping hydrated and dewy skin, as well as reducing redness. Heavy creams mixed with increased sweat and oil production can clog pores, block oil glands and be counterproductive compared to winter months. If you are applying an SPF over top of your face cream, this is an even better reason to keep it lightweight before adding another cream-based product to the mix! 

Our recommendation:

Truly Moisturizing Face Cream

Why it works: This brand-new formula combines hydrating aloe and vitamin E with non comedogenic carrier oils for plump, dewy skin. Without compromising on a lightweight, fast absorbing consistency for day and night use.  

Summer skin care is focussed partially on skinamalism (fewer products and lighter applications), combined with targeted products that stand up to the season. Dewy, glowing skin awaits you with these key products and a consistent morning and night application! 

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