Our Recycling Program

How much of your recycling really makes it into the appropriate sorting plant to be saved from a life of landfill sitting? How will you even know? The future of recycling lives here at Truly Lifestyle Brand – and after implementing our post-consumer resin packaging into our sustainability efforts, we wanted to take “our waste not want not” mentality to the next level with the brand-new PACT collective recycling program for your skincare packaging. Available for our online and in store customers - because your packaging closures don’t make it into the sorting plant as correctly as you might think, and we know you want to do the right thing. 

Did you know…? 

Packaging closure caps (think jar lids, pumps, tube droppers and other skincare lids) are a really difficult thing to recycle because they are a different resin, and typically have a seal inside that’s hard to separate. When in a sorting facility, if the bottle and its closure are still attached, certain depots will opt to bail the entire contents of the packaging, rather than spend time separating lids and bases. 

This is where PACT comes in, to ensure that all hard to recycle plastics actually end up where they should, upcycled into new plastics, and decreasing our need for virgin materials. PACT collective utilizes their own sorting facilities which are dedicated to ensuring proper sorting of all packaging sent in by their brand partners, which we are now so proud to be a part of. 

How it works: 

PACT collective sends us a beautifully branded recycling box which is dedicated to hard to recycle plastics, and we ensure that the bin is sent off to PACT once full to be sorted, processed, and upcycled into new products, keeping these materials out of our landfills and oceans for good. 

Online customers: 

- Send us your clean closures in our double-use compostable mailers used to ship out your initial order or send them in any size permitting envelope. 

- Include your name and order number of your original package for easy contact, we may even shout out your awesomeness on our socials!

- Let us take care of the rest! 

 In store customers: 

- Simply drop off your closures inside our retail store marked PACT Collective and ensure the product is wiped clean and dry before popping inside! 

- We’ve got the rest covered. 

It’s time you knew where your recycling was going – especially when you’re making such a big effort to reduce + reuse, we wanted to give you real peace of mind knowing that we upcycle our packaging from start to finish. There’s never been an easier way to cut out the middleman and reduce your waste, and we hope you’ll join us in helping our planet in this impactful way. 

Questions about PACT x Truly? Let’s talk recycling at info@trulylifestylebrand.com.

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