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About us

At Truly, we want you to celebrate your beauty. We get it – finding the right beauty products can be overwhelming – so whether you’re just starting, wanting to switch it up, or in need of finding that one product that will change your life, you can think of us as your everyday essentials with high quality results. 

Our brand is our community, which means everything we make starts with you. We’re all about open conversation, continuous learning, and true connection with our customers. We live to create what you want, because we’re at our best when you feel yours.  

Truly Lifestyle Brand Inc. was founded in 2019 with the purpose of empowering your natural beauty while using clean ingredients that you can feel good about.

"When I started Truly, I wanted to share my undying love for beauty + self-care while showing the world that simple products can be the most effective products. My passion lies within helping other's realize that their natural beauty is something to celebrate. The community in which Truly continues to grow could not be more reflective of that, which is truly (😉) a dream come true. Nothing makes me happier than seeing confident, happy individuals express that Truly has played a part in their new found glow. That's why I started and it will never change." 

- Alexandria MacFarlane, Founder + CEO

Let's start celebrating our beauty, Truly.